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#29 I’m Not Naughty…Just Busy!


“Dogs are great. Bad dogs, if you can really call them that, are perhaps the greatest of them all.”  – John Grogan

Dalmatian puppy chewing a shoe in front of a white background

Are our pups really bad?

As a teacher for over 22 yrs, I could ask this same question about some of the students I’ve had over the years as well as my own children. However, those that I’ve woken up thinking about during the night, worrying about countless things, have been some of the most endearing that I’ve had the privilege to know and work with.

In many cases, the most challenging cases can be the most rewarding.  The same goes for our furry family members.  The journey that owners experience with their pups is unique, special, and often times challenging (at least in the beginning).  It’s a lot of work for both the human owner and their pup/s as the expectations are mutual.

Naughty dog

We spoke a little about those breeds with a ‘high prey drive’, meaning they are essentially driven by the instinct to hunt and as a result, are very high energy.  In turn, they usually end up demonstrating what owners consider ‘BAD’ and frustrating behavior.


FUN FACT:  (Something to think about when your pup is running around) For both speed and flexibility, your dog’s shoulder blades are not tightly connected to the rest of the skeletal system.

Portrait of Vizla dog running across a meadow.

As owners, we must remember that many times, our furry family member’s high energy is instinctual and out of need, not to make us miserable.

Here are a few tips to remedy some of those high energy behaviors…

1.***Play frisbee and fetch daily.

2.***Play scent games – you can  inexpensively purchase high scent treats that can be hidden which stimulates the natural instinct of your pup using their acute sense of smell.  This activity can be done indoors and out which allows for flexibility.

FUN FACT:  Aside from your pup having an acute sense of smell, they have nose prints that are as unique as human finger prints – they cannot be replicated.  Their nose prints could be used to identify them, though these types of records are not typically practiced.

3.***Take long walks when you can.  We spoke about how to incorporate your pup into your ‘healthy’ New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of the year.  This will benefit the both of you, physically and mentally.

Again, our furry family members are not ‘BAD’, maybe challenging, but simply driven by instincts that need to be accommodated by their human owners. A learning experience for all.

Border Collie breed dog for a walk on a summer sunny day

“The journey of life is sweeter when traveled with a dog.” – Bridget Willoughby

After all, your pup is part of your family!