Meet the formulator

Courtney Nelson works with an expert team of vets and nutritionists to create some of the most exclusive fresh meals for dogs.

our formulator


My name is Courtney Nelson, founder and CEO of Pup Hub Now LLC.

PupHubNow originated in November, 2018 as a result of my huge passion for animal well-being, and a very active little Border Collie, Logan.  Logan had just turned 2 on December 10, 2019, and had unlimited energy!  Even so, he was barely eating, getting skinnier and skinnier, and although incredibly smart, refused to go”Potty Outside!” As a result, I started studying pet food labels. Never really having paid much attention to the ingredients in commercial dog food, I was shocked to find how much filler is utilized and how little protein is present in what is ostensibly considered “one of the better dog food brands.” I decided to give Home Cooking a try, and sure enough, Logan started looking forward to his meals, eating regularly, and yes, even going potty outside!

My father passed away in February, 2019. His beloved Boxer, Jager, and Logan, were already best friends, so of course, it was natural that I would bring Jager into the family.  Jager was always a really good eater and never had a problem with potty time.  However, when he lived with my dad, we noticed he was constantly scratching, his eyes were always red, and no matter how many baths we gave him,  he just never smelled, well, for lack of a better word, clean.  We figured he suffered  from allergies and my dad tried different types of commercial dog food,  both wet and kibble.  Nothing made a difference.

When Jager joined the family and started eating Home Cooked Meals with Logan, I noticed an immediate difference!  His red eyes cleared, his coat looked shinier, he stopped excessively scratching, and, he actually smelled clean after bath time!  I was hooked from that point forward.  There are so many benefits to preparing  Home Cooked Meals for your pup, and I just knew that I had to share this  information with all of you.

Thank you for allowing me to tell our story!  And, now you know why we have a Boxer with a long tongue and a little Border Collie in our PupHubNow Logo😊 From our family to yours, we welcome you to the PupHubNow family!


Courtney Nelson