Meal kits

Unfortunately, due to shipping delays as a result of Covid 19, we are not currently serving our Meal Kits. Please check back in the future and in the meantime, explore our other products! Thank you!

Nutritional Education

PupHubNow provides Human Grade Ingredients, delivered straight to your door, so that you can prepare Vet Balanced and Approved Home Cooked Meals for your Pup! Your Meal Kit includes all necessary ingredients, as well as vitamin and mineral supplements, to prepare your pup’s home cooked meal, with the exception of water. Our Home Cooked Meals are perfect for your pup’s Adult Maintenance Diet!  We are very sorry, but PupHubNow is not currently providing Puppy Food or All Life Stages; please check back in the future!  

The Process

Complete your pup’s custom profile so that we can calculate how much food your pup needs.  Place your order with PupHubNow and we will prepare your package.  The ingredients will arrive in well-insulated, chilled,  vacuum packed sealed bags.

The Preparation

Ingredients are pre-cut and ready to cook, no prep needed!  Just open the bag and toss everything in.  Add the recommended water and cook for the specified time, according to the directions included in your kit.  Upon cooking completion, stir the included supplements into the food mixture.  That’s it! 

Serve and Store

After preparation of the meal is complete, simply portion the food according to your pup’s daily needs. Just in case you forget, the number of cups per day will also be included in your meal kit.

Now Here’s The Very Best Part!

Give your pup a taste! When you see how much your pup loves your PupHubNow home cooking, you will never serve dry, brown, pellets again!  After all, your pup is part of your family!