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Why Does PupHubNow Have The Best Priced CBD?

Message from our CEO

Companies need to make a profit in order to thrive and continue to bring quality product to the marketplace.  But, they don’t need to be greedy about it.  As the Founder and CEO of Pup Hub Now LLC, I am committed to your pup’s well-being and don’t want to see a pup suffer just because a company has over-priced a product, making it unaffordable for a Pup Parent.

I brought Jagermeister, my dad’s Boxer, into our family when my father passed away in February of 2019.  Jager always looked uncomfortable when he sat down and got up.  He was also very distressed and upset, showing major anxiety, as a result of losing his dad and moving to a new home.  He knew us, and he was already best friends with my pup, so that helped.  But, even so, I could see Jagermeister was suffering.

I started giving CBD to Jagermeister and noticed an immediate improvement in his pain level, as well as his overall well-being.  CBD is a powerful medicinal aid:  Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Convulsant, Anti-Anxiety, derived from the hemp plant and does NOT contain THC (THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical which causes psychotropic effects.  Because of the success that Jager experienced, I knew I needed to offer this valuable product to all Pup Parents, at an affordable price.  So, I developed PupHubNow’s own proprietary blend of CBD.  Our CBD is 100% THC FREE and is completely legal in the United States.  I will continue to bring this product to the market at the very best price I can.  No pup deserves to suffer.

After all, your pup is part of your family!

Courtney Nelson

600 mg: If Your Pup is OVER 50 lbs, choose our Blue Label
300 mg: If Your Pup is UNDER 50 lbs, choose our White Label

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