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  • 🐶 EXTRA LONG DOG TOOTHBRUSH to REACH EVERY SPOT & EACH TOOTH – Reach Easily into your dog’s mouth with our nine inch long dog toothbrush. Make it a positive experience for you and your dog without any extra prodding, poking or stretching his/her mouth.
  • 😀 BEST SELLER DOG TOOTHBRUSHES: – TWO TOOTHBRUSH HEADS ON EACH TOOTHBRUSH! – Large toothbrush head to quickly remove plaque and promote dental health. The smaller head is perfect for smaller pets or smaller, hard to reach places in your pets mouth.
  • ✔ #1 SOFTEST BRISTLES – Flexible and soft bristle on brush were specially designed to remove plaque build-up and trapped for from your puppy, dog or cats mouth. Do the job right without causing your pet pain with this Pets First toothbrush for pets
  • 🐶 CONVENIENT & AFFORDABLE TWO PACK – Keep ’em handy and you’ll never forget to brush your small mammal’s teeth again! Comes in a handy two pack so you will always have your pet’s toothbrush on hand.
  • 💖 HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL – : Quality made to last and be part of your pets routine for years. While it may be a small and nearly insignificant part of your pets grooming routine, brushing your pets teeth daily is critical to pet Oral health!
  • ✔ TOOTHBRUSH FOR DOGS: Yup! Humans need to brush their teeth and so do your dogs!
  • 👄 DOG’s BRIGHT SMILE! – Many toothbrushes are off-brands & will irritate your pet’s gums & mouth! Our toothbrushes will brush, clean & keep your furry four-legged friend’s mouth in shape without bruises or pain! Check out the new smile!
  • 💞 LOVE YOUR PET? Don’t use low quality toothbrushes!  Use the best dog toothbrush for a long, healthy, happy life with your best & cutest friend! Designed especially for dogs of all ages!
  • 🦷 BETTER TREATMENT: For better treatment make sure to buy a natural, peanut butter, or poultry flavored toothpaste for dogs, containing the best ingredients for your pet’s hygiene! 

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Perfect for canine oral hygiene, this 2-piece Dog Toothbrush Set features extra soft double-ended bristles and long handles for easy reach.

Toothbrushes have a small head and large head for getting into hard to reach places.


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