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Fresh Meals

Easy Meal Kits
Nothing Beats a Home Cooked Meal!

Considering cooking at home for your pup?  Or, already cooking your pup’s meal and tired of the planning, shopping, dicing and chopping?

PupHubNow takes all the guess-work and hassle out of your cooking experience.  Feel secure in knowing:

  • We have high expectations!  Meal Kits are lab tested to ensure ingredient composition exceeds AAFCO recommended guidelines.  
  • Our Meal Kits are reviewed by our Board Certified Vet Nutritionist.
  • We include our Vet Nutritionist recommended supplements that all pups need for a healthy, complete and balanced diet.


Nope, they’ll love it!  Seriously, to this day, we always enjoy seeing our canine customers gobble up PupHubNow!

What’s our secret sauce you ask?  We test all our recipes with our own PupHubNow pups, and have found the BEST ways to blend PREMIUM nutritious foods, delivering an explosion of flavor that your dog is sure to go nuts for!

We currently have 2 Recipes available and are adding more very soon!

The best way to feed your pup is twice a day.

May we suggest our Chicken and Eggs Florentine for breakfast and our Chicken and Turkey Dinner with Veggies for the evening entree?

You may choose to purchase just 1 week to see what your pup thinks.  Or, subscribe and save!  If for whatever reason your pup’s tastebuds don’t jive with our food, we will promptly cancel your subscription.  Just email us at admin@puphubnow.com, no hassle, no worries.