Why Should You Serve 100% Human Grade Ingredient Meals To Your Pup?

Over your dog's lifetime you will make many decisions on his behalf, but none more important than his daily diet. The quality of the food he eats is completely within your control and it will have both an immediate and long lasting effect.

The pet food business is severely broken. Lots of the stories you read about on the Internet are not just urban myths. The "ingredients" used by many commercial dog food companies that are allowed to be called dog food are in fact atrocious, and in many cases, may be dangerous.

We believe that the only way to know for sure that you are feeding your dog a quality diet is to feed meats that have been inspected and approved by the USDA, as well as vegetables and fruits that have been deemed fit for human consumption.

Our PupHubGrub ALWAYS contains ONLY 100% Human Grade Ingredients. With PupHubNow, you never have to worry about what may be hidden in your pup's food.